NOTICE: Any hiatus' in posting art likely mean I am in between ports and have no internet access. Sorry for the erratic update schedule.
Hey There! You've stumbled across my art stash. This is my gallery of sketches, speed paints, and paintings. The subject matter varies, but you can expect fan art of my current obsessions and the occasional original character. I'm still working on getting my professional portfolio ready, so hopefully this tumblr page will show my improvement.


Same drill as last time folks. We’re leaving American Samoa today and sailing for the Kingdom of Tonga. The sail is only about a day and a half, but I’ve no way of knowing what the internet situation will be like there.

So, while I’m on hiatus, um… think of all the really cool art and stupid posts about things I’ll put up when I’m back?

Have a great time while I’m gone!

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badwolfroaming replied to your post “So I’m really torn between wanting to do portraits of Tony Stark,…”

tonytonytonytonyontyonontont what

So I’m getting the feeling that you want… oh man, this is hard to decipher… Tony Stark?


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choibok replied to your post “So I’m really torn between wanting to do portraits of Tony Stark,…”

Perhaps do it in exactly that order? There’s always just switching between the three when you lose steam on one painting oAo)9

This seems like a pretty solid plan. a_a I approve.

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So I’m really torn between wanting to do portraits of Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and (younger) Sam Winchester. Q_Q

HALP. I honestly can’t decide.

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Capt’n ‘Murica!
A commission for a dear friend of mine who’s currently serving in Afghanistan.
To all our soldiers at home and abroad, Thank You For Your Service.

Time: 10 hours

Hello to all the new followers and thanks to everyone leaving notes on my Dean picture.

Now to return you to your regularly scheduled crazy artist blog updates:


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I Wish I Couldn’t Feel A Damn Thing

Time: 8 hours

I think I should just be honest with myself and admit that I can’t do “just a little colour on a doodle”. Just can’t.

Every time I try, I end up with 8 missing hours and art staring back at me.


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Round 2 of Commissioned Creature Designs
Not even sorry… Also, Cowlicanth may be my spirit animal. Just sayin’.

Notice: These sketches are not free-for-use. They have been specifically commissioned and I ask everyone to respect that they are intellectual property. Thank you
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So I’m getting close to 200 followers. Would… would folks be interested in like an art give away or something? I’m mainly just really in awe of all you crazy awesome folks who want to look at my art.

Thank you so much everyone!

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