NOTICE: Any hiatus' in posting art likely mean I am in between ports and have no internet access. Sorry for the erratic update schedule.
Hey There! You've stumbled across my art stash. This is my gallery of sketches, speed paints, and paintings. The subject matter varies, but you can expect fan art of my current obsessions and the occasional original character. I'm still working on getting my professional portfolio ready, so hopefully this tumblr page will show my improvement.
So I’m still planning to do a real portrait of Sam, but here, have a speedpaint of Boy King Sam. 

Time: 1 & 1/2 hours
Commission for Jinx over on Awyas of two of her characters. Tale as old as time.
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My monoprice tablet pen broke the other day, rendering my tablet a useless paper weight. Q_Q
However because I’m actually Tony Stark, I dug out my old Intuos 4 and did a bit of fiddlery with it and was able to get it working again! So this is just a little speedpaint/study I’m working on to reacquaint myself with the higher sensitivity of the Intuos.
Anyways, Jareth… because reasons.

Sailing Hiatus

We’re going to be leaving Fiji today and starting the crossing to New Caledonia, so that’ll take about 5 days. Prayers and well wishes are always appreciated as we ride the high seas. The weather has finally improved enough that the sail won’t be ‘on the nose’ the entire time. :D

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*Cue string of gifs to properly express my emotions right now*

Why hello there followers.

Look at all you beautiful souls.

Thank you for following me and my art.


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Here I go doing a giveaway and then I didn’t have internet until last night. The winner was akazuni who is now figuring out just what they want for their free commission. Thanks so much to everyone who participated. :D

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It’s Giveaway Time!
Greetings everyone. So I’m fast approaching 400 followers and as a huge thank you (and a small self promotion tool), I figured we’d have ourselves an art give away.
How this is going to work:
1 Reblog is an entry, 1 like is an entry. Don’t want to reblog, don’t feel you have to just to enter.
You may reblog this several times to have multiple entries, but please keep it to one a day (I don’t want poor folks being spammed)
No giveaway blogs.
To win you will have to be following this blog.
I’ll message the winner and they have three days to get back to me or I’ll pick another winner.
This giveaway ends on July 15th (I’m at GMT+12, so that means for part of the world this is ending on July 14th)
What the winner gets:
So why would anyone want to enter Liger’s giveaway? Well, I”m going to give away a commission slot to the winner. This means that you’ll be getting an entirely free piece of art from moi.
Can be fandom-related
Can be shippy
Can be one or two characters (sorry, no entire Fellowship of the Ring in one picture here)
Can be a more speedpainty/loose style if you want more of a full scene rather than bust/headshot style
Can NOT be graphically sexual (No NSFW sexy times folks)\
Rules may change later if I feel that I’ve forgotten anything, but this should be enough to get us started. And in case you want art but don’t win, I do commissions, just puttin’ that out there. :D
Let the games begin!

Reblogging in case any of my followers missed when I first put it out. Only 5 more days to enter.