NOTICE: Any hiatus' in posting art likely mean I am in between ports and have no internet access. Sorry for the erratic update schedule. --------------------------------------------------------------- Hey There! You've stumbled across my art stash. This is my gallery of sketches, speed paints, and paintings. The subject matter varies, but you can expect fan art of my current obsessions and the occasional original character.

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Speed-ish paint practice
Have I mentioned that I LOVE rocks? It’s a weird love affair I have. This took too long, I still need to get faster. *Grumbles*
Time: 2 & 1/2 hours
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Page 02
Mixture of sketches from photos I’ve taken here in Australia and live observations during church.
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I’m just going to leave this here for a bit…
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I’m trying a new style of filling a sketchbook because a dear friend of mine, nepherim, sent me a stitched and bound sketchbook, rather than the spiral bound style I usually use. I’ve known several artists who filled their moleskin journals like this, front, back, little illustrations filled in everywhere; and it always seemed to make an interesting aesthetic to me, a story without rhyme, reason, or rhetoric, just free form images as inspiration hits. This is also my effort at keeping in better practice with sketching and traditional art.
So here’s page 1. I’ll upload this sporatically as I fill them.
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So guess who FINALLY got to finish season 2 of Hannibal? Yup.

Let’s just say that I am planning a paired set of portraits that I’m going to try and work on between commissions, because reasons…

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HOLY CRAP! That was a sprint to the finish, but I did it guys. I finished my art piece for the Samifer Big Bang, so I’m excited to post it once it’s time to put them up.

Let me just say that forests may be my new favourite thing to paint. *Rolls around happily*

You know, I honestly have no idea just how many hours I poured into this painting, but now I can return to my previously scheduled commissions… like Aywas stuff. No rest for the wicked. :D

The picture will be 1600x900 for background sizes, but if people want I’d be happy to modify it for other resolutions… if that’s what you’re in to…

*Rambles to self in post-artum euphoria*

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msdoomandgloom replied to your post: I swear I’ve been working…

You can do it! Feel better!

Awww, thanks so much. Your encouragement means a lot. :3

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I swear I’ve been working…

Why, Samifer piece, why you fight me so hard? Didn’t I love you enough as a little thumbnail? Didn’t I render your colours with enough concern and thoughtfulness?


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Greetings from the land of AUZ

We made it safe and sound to Bundaberg, Australia. Hopefully I’ll be putting up new art again soon once we get things settled down after our last crossing.

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